Eric Moniz is a highly acclaimed photographer and director of photography hailing from Toronto, Canada. With a career spanning across various renowned productions, he has garnered a reputation for his exceptional work in the world of visual storytelling. Eric has had the privilege of collaborating with an impressive array of high-profile celebrities while also working with the biggest brands globally.

His expertise in the field extends to both photography and cinematography, allowing him to seamlessly transition between the two mediums. Eric Moniz's work is characterized by his keen eye for detail, composition, and a distinctive artistic vision that sets his projects apart. His portfolio boasts a diverse range of captivating visuals, capturing the essence of his subjects and conveying compelling narratives.

Based in Canada but with a global reach, Eric Moniz has directed and orchestrated a multitude of photo and video shoots, leaving an indelible mark on projects in Toronto and beyond. His talent and dedication have earned him recognition and acclaim in the world of photography and cinematography, solidifying his position as a sought-after creative professional in the industry.

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